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If you're looking for a great place to sell handmade products, there are several great options available online. These sites include iCraftGifts, Just Artisan, Aviarto, and Cratejoy. Each offers a unique way to sell handmade items. These websites also offer great seller support and robust storefront customization. Using these websites can be a great way to boost your profitability while selling your handmade products.


If you're in the market for unique gifts that you can make yourself, iCraftGifts is the website to use. It's a Canadian site that specializes in handmade items. Unlike other sites, iCraft does not allow you to sell vintage or used items. You must sell brand new items only, and the site will review all your items before listing them. You can also use iCraft to sell custom orders and commissioned works. iCraftGifts also has plenty of free resources for sellers, including advice on how to market their shops and use social media to promote their listings.

This site offers a small selection of merchandise, but they do not allow sellers to sell vintage items or craft supplies. They do, however, have a rigorous review process. You can sign up for free to try out the site and get started selling your handmade items.

iCraftGifts has been around for about 10 years and has a great reputation. Its language is more creator friendly, and it clearly aims to attract artisans who have been frustrated by other marketplaces. You can also post multiple images in a single listing, accept PayPal payments, and offer discounts for buying in bulk. Unlike some other marketplaces, iCraftGifts has no transaction fees. Its monthly and annual subscriptions start at just $5 and go up to $50. If you're in the market for handmade gifts, you can also consider the alternative marketplace Uncommon Goods. The site boasts over three million unique visitors a month.

Just Artisan

eCrater is an online marketplace for artisans, handmade craft sellers, and entrepreneurs. Unlike other marketplaces, eCrater focuses on a particular niche and offers a variety of marketing tools. This makes it an excellent place to sell handmade art and crafts. You can sign up for free and use a custom domain to set up an online store. Then, you can sell directly to buyers. You can even use social media to spread the word about your handmade items.

Another online marketplace for handmade crafts is Just Artisan. This website was launched in the United Kingdom in 2016 and features curated selections of handmade items. Although the site still doesn't have a huge following, recent growth has resulted in the site receiving about 100K visits each month. While many sellers report some challenges with the site, most say that sales have exceeded expectations. Compared to Etsy, Just Artisan is relatively inexpensive, with low fees and great functionality.

iCraft is a small marketplace similar to Etsy, but unlike Etsy, it has a lower threshold for selling items. Sellers on iCraft report slightly higher profits than those on Etsy, but the cost is about half as high. The website also offers a free basic account, and premium accounts charge $5.00 per month. Premium members enjoy a range of features, including enhanced product tools, a search engine for handmade goods, and the ability to embed YouTube videos.

Other sites that offer handmade products include Amazon Handmade. This website has a large database of potential buyers and has an easy application process. The minimum listing fee is $1. Amazon also offers features like Fulfillment by Amazon and analytics.


If you are an artist and want to sell your handmade items online, Aviarto is the place for you. It is a marketplace that supports independent UK artists and crafters. The website also offers a marketplace that doesn't charge any fees or commission. It helps UK artists and crafters sell their works worldwide and supports them by connecting them to buyers around the world.

Unlike many other eCommerce platforms, Aviarto has no commission or monthly subscription fee. Instead, it makes money through optional services, such as pre-paying taxes and duties on international orders. There are also monthly, six-monthly, and annual subscription plans for sellers who want to list their goods online.

Another great website to sell handmade items is Artfire. It launched in 2008 and is one of the oldest markets of handmade goods online. Despite being a little older, Artfire has seen better days when it comes to design, user-friendliness, and quality of sellers.

Sourcing Handmade is another website that has a niche that is more specific than the others. It connects crafters with wholesale buyers. It also offers a number of services for creative entrepreneurs, such as social media management and marketing options. You can also sell your handmade crafts on Zibbet, an online marketplace that allows sellers to list their handmade items without paying any commission.

In addition to Aviarto, there are several other websites that offer wholesale products for artists. These websites help artists sell their handmade art online. Many artists have created collections on these sites, and these sites have helped them get their work out into the world. They make selling handmade arts and crafts easy!


Cratejoy is a subscription-based marketplace where you can sell handmade goods. Like Etsy, it's a platform where you can post your products and allow customers to sign up for subscription boxes. The site claims to have over 30,000 subscribers every day. It also provides a dashboard for analytics and customer management. Moreover, the service allows you to keep track of all your sales in one place.

Among the many subscription services on Cratejoy, one of the best ones is the YA Book Box. This monthly subscription includes YA books, themed clothing, candles, home goods, and more. The box also offers an opportunity to meet other YA readers.

Cratejoy has an eCommerce platform for sellers, and you can sign up for it for free. Afterwards, you can create your own storefront and begin selling your handmade goods. Make sure to pay close attention to branding, and use colors that represent the subscription boxes you are selling.

Another great feature of Cratejoy is the self-care boxes. Some of the boxes focus on self-care activities, like aromatherapy, body care products, and jewelry. The products are also accompanied by encouraging messages. While most items are secular, you can also find some that contain Bible verses.


While Etsy has become a highly popular website for handmade crafts and goods, it's not perfect. Whether you're a newbie or have been selling for years, there are some things to consider before listing your items on the site. The first thing to do is learn as much as you can about the platform. You should also be aware of its drawbacks, especially if you're selling on a limited budget.

If you want to sell handmade goods and crafts, Etsy is an excellent choice. It's easy to set up and use, and it offers you a platform to display and sell your items. It also provides a payment method and a way to manage inventory. You can also opt to use an offsite advertising program, which costs 15 percent and is optional for sellers making under $10K per year.

The fees for listing and selling on Etsy can add up. In addition to listing fees, you'll have to pay transaction fees and other fees. If you don't want to pay these fees, you can also sell on alternative markets. Although alternative markets may not be as convenient as Etsy, they can offer you a more affordable way to sell your handmade products.

Another option for selling handmade products is eBay. While you can create a free account, you'll need a business account if you plan to sell your handmade items on eBay. A business account offers more features for your business, including order tracking, inventory management, sales tracking, and branding tools.

Other online marketplaces offer similar features, but some have fees and limitations. You'll need to know the market for your handmade goods. You'll also need to consider your target audience. Those selling handmade products can choose between vintage items, contemporary pieces, and handmade items.

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