What are some ideas for gifts for Indian handmade DIY projects

Posted by Charlotte on October 18, 2022
What are some ideas for gifts for Indian handmade DIY projects

The Diwali festival is coming soon, so if you're looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones, consider a custom-made mithai hamper. Created by Do Crafts, this beautiful box features various compartments for homemade sweets. Choose a theme and fill the box with various sweets, like khoya or dry fruits. Another great gift idea is a bookmark celebrating the Indian art form of Madhubani. Artsy Craftsy Mom has a template that you can use to create a personalized bookmark with the design of your choice.

Non-food items

When you are buying gifts for an Indian or a South Asian, try giving them something different. Non-food items are a great idea because they can be customized for the recipient's tastes. For example, you could gift a candle that smells like earth after a rain, with notes of green leaves, sandalwood, and ozone. Another option is to give them a Bollywood trivia game, a fun way to pass the time. Finally, you can get a box of Indian sweets, such as soan papdi, mawa peda, and mysore pak. Other items could include handmade diyas, lanterns, greeting cards, or a box of Indian sweets.

Paper cube string lights

Paper cube string lights are a fun DIY project for your loved ones. They are made of paper and are eco-friendly. You can make them with different colors or a single color. You can also make them with different shapes and sizes. To make these paper lights, fold the craft paper into cubes. You can find a tutorial online to help you do this. Next, insert the light strand.

To make the lights more secure, you can use a clothes hanger. These hangers have wide notches, which will secure the lights. Start wrapping the lights from one notch of the hangar and then wrap the end of the string around the other notch. Once the lights are securely wrapped, you can use a twist tie to secure the lights. You can also label them and nestle them inside a container with padding.

Wicker gift baskets

When you are looking for gift baskets, there are several different materials you can use to create the perfect one. These materials range from wicker to straw. A wicker gift basket can be decorated with flowers, colorful ribbons, and even hand towels. You can also line the basket with shredded paper, napkins, or hand towels. Once you have lined the basket, you can add some cellophane to protect the contents. The cellophane sheet must be a couple of times bigger than the basket, and it should be secured with a ribbon.

If you'd rather avoid weaving wicker, you can use twigs for the basket. This is easier to do, and will give the contents a more traditional look. You can also choose to add fun-sized candies to the basket. Alternatively, you can make a basket inspired by the iconic Halloween movie Ghostbusters. To make the basket even more unique, you can also purchase craft kits and add some fake spiderwebs and plastic spiders.

When you choose a material, make sure to choose one that is biodegradable and will last for a long time. Bamboo and sisal are both biodegradable, and both will last for many years. Choosing one of these materials for your gift basket will allow you to use them for many purposes, including home decor and storage.

Many Native American tribes made coiled baskets. The Hopi, Apache, and other Pueblo people made them. They were often decorated with geometric designs and bold decorations. This type of basket was traditionally made with natural fibers and was often dyed to match the colors of the fabric.

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