What is the best way to sell African handmade products online?

Posted by Charlotte on November 9, 2022
What is the best way to sell African handmade products online

If you have a passion for African handmade products, there are many ways you can sell them online. There are many craft fairs in different cities. You can even sell African fabrics. They can be used for tablecloths or decorations at home. Etsy is a popular option for African-themed products.

Trade Aid Integrated

There are many ways to make money online by selling African handmade products. One of the easiest ways is to become an agent for African artisans. This type of business is easy to start and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Different types of importing businesses require different levels of capital and input. Agents are individuals who connect African manufacturers with buyers in another country. You will receive a commission from your suppliers and you can work from anywhere.

The demand for African products is growing around the world. More people are looking for fresh, ethically sourced, and fairly traded products. They also want to buy unique products from one destination. This gives African manufacturers a great competitive advantage. They are able to increase sales and access new markets faster. They also have more time to focus on making their products and earning profits.

Maasai Beads

If you've ever wanted to sell Maasai beads online, there are a number of factors you should consider. First, you should find a reputable seller who sells Maasai beadwork. This will ensure your purchase is genuine. Maasai jewelry is crafted by women from the Maasai tribe. These women will send their pieces to you in an authentic Maasai pouch. You'll be able to see the face of the woman who makes each piece, and you'll be able to learn about the jewelry's meaning.

In order to sell Maasai beads online, you must create a vendor account with Maasai Beads. You can then create a store and upload photos or videos of your handmade products. You can also offer style options for your products. To set up a shop, you can also create collections for your products.

In addition to traditional beads, you can also find recycled paper beadwork made by Maasai women artisans in Southern Kenya. These are made using recycled magazine paper and cut into different shapes. They are then dyed using food grade dyes. These beads are perfect for stacking.

The Maasai tribe's beaded jewelry has been around for centuries. The Maasai women set aside time each day to create their beautiful pieces. Many of their pieces have symbolic meanings. They represent a particular social group or age and may be a meaningful gift for someone special.

Traditionally, the Maasai made their jewelry from local resources, including copper and brass. However, these materials are too expensive and difficult to ship to tourists. But thanks to online retailers, Maasai bead jewelry can be sold to consumers worldwide. There are many ways to start a Maasai beads business.

The Maasai and Samburu people have deep ties to cows. They are pastoralists, so their beaded jewellery is traditionally made by women. Women are expected to learn how to make these pieces. Men wear the jewelry made by their women. If you have the skills and desire to sell Maasai beads online, you can start a lucrative online business.

A Maasai bead business must be ethical and sustainable. It is important to source local materials and use ethical manufacturing practices. If you're considering selling Maasai beads online, you should ensure that you source them from a reliable seller.


GuguCrafters is a South African platform for handmade products made by Zimbabwean artisans. The platform was founded by a Zimbabwean refugee from Zimbabwe, Gugulethu Mapuranga. He worked with local carvers to create unique jewelry and products using discarded materials. The artisans faced xenophobic attacks in 2008, but rebuilt their business with fair trade advances.

The company started in Cape Town, South Africa, and supports artisans in South Africa. Its mission is to promote fair trade and empower the country's artisans. The company aims to expand the market for South African crafters while paying them a fair price for their products. The organization also takes care of the environment and supports small craft groups that can expand their production.


African handmade goods are popular all over the world, and Etsy is a great place to sell them online. But there are some downsides to using Etsy. First of all, it requires you to withdraw cash from your Paypal account after each transaction. If you're selling something unique, you can consider using another platform such as Hello Pretty, which handles payments directly and eliminates the need for Paypal. Another alternative is Mzansi Store, which was recently launched by South African craft seller Deidre Luzmore.

Etsy is one of the leading marketplaces for handmade goods and has many black-owned shops. These shops sell everything from African-inspired lamps to table runners and throw pillows. For example, Ghanaian designer Natalie Manima sells homewares that reflect the colorful culture of her upbringing. Her shop also sells clothing and other products.

One disadvantage of selling on Etsy is that you have to ship your products yourself. But with Society6 you don't have to worry about shipping because they handle it. These websites also have a support community that will help you through the process. The community on these sites is friendly, which is an advantage when starting a business.

Another disadvantage of Etsy is that there are millions of other sellers. Because of this, it's difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, the system does a good job of categorization. Depending on the category of the item you're selling, the fields for listing details will automatically adjust. If you're selling mugs, for example, you'll want to choose a subcategory of "Drink & Barware" and then enter your product description there. Etsy will then suggest the most relevant product description.

As for payment, Etsy offers a number of methods to handle payments. For example, you can accept payment via PayPal. Buyers can also pay with their local currency if they wish. The system also provides a comprehensive Seller Protection guarantee, including fraud detection and dispute resolution.

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