Which sites sell home decor or handicraft products?

Posted by Charlotte on November 9, 2022
Which Sites Sell Home Decor Or Handicraft Products

If you're a handcraft enthusiast, there are a number of online stores that offer beautiful handcrafted items. Many of these sites also feature talented artists who sell their items. These artists often make bespoke items, such as handmade furniture. You can browse their collection of handcrafted goods or order custom items.


If you're looking for unique gifts for loved ones, Etsy is a great place to start. The site's seller community features a wide range of personalities who specialize in a range of handicrafts and home decor. Many of these products are also personalized and appeal to generation Z and millennials. Some sellers also offer custom printing services. They can create a custom design, print it and mail it directly to the recipient.

Handmade items are Etsy's main niche. You can sell a wide variety of handmade items, including candles, furniture, jewelry, leather goods, and more. You can also sell original artwork, such as paintings or drawings. This allows you to add a personal touch to your items, while giving them a substantial markup.

Home decor is an ever-growing category on Etsy, with sales forecasted to reach $202 billion in the US by 2024. A diverse collection of arts and collectibles can also be found on Etsy. If you're not a professional artist, you can sell your handmade work as a hobby or as a business.

The first step to making money on Etsy is identifying a niche. If your products don't align with your customer base, they won't sell. You need to research the current trends and products that are selling well in your niche. You should also choose a product that represents your brand. You can find popular products using search tools on Etsy.

Big Cartel

If you're looking for a home decor or handicraft site that's easy to use and offers flexible pricing, Big Cartel is the site for you. Big Cartel offers several different paid plans, including the free forever Gold plan and the Premium plan. Each plan comes with upgraded features and varying numbers of products that can be sold.

While Big Cartel does not offer a built-in payment gateway, you can integrate it with PayPal and Stripe, two of the most popular payment gateways. In addition, you can accept Apple Pay payments directly from your product page. If you'd rather not use credit cards, Big Cartel also accepts cash.

Another benefit of Big Cartel is that it allows you to customize the look and feel of your store. Moreover, you can use your own branding. Big Cartel's developers have developed the platform to make it easy for entrepreneurs, artists, and crafters to sell handmade goods. The platform also provides customizable templates, an advanced sales tax tool, and a range of marketing applications.

Adding a blog to your Big Cartel store is not easy, however, as it's not supported. However, if you're using WordPress, you can link to your Big Cartel store by installing a Big Cartel plugin. The plugin will automatically add a subscription page on your Big Cartel store. From there, your customers can subscribe to the service and have your products delivered to them monthly. The subscription feature also allows you to collect payments and track product inventory.


iCraftGifts is a marketplace that sells home decor and handicraft products from a variety of creative people around the world. The website offers its sellers a personalized store with a customized URL, detailed sales stats, and social sharing options. For a low monthly service fee, sellers can list their products for sale. They can sell jewelry, clothing, home decor, toys & games, and more. They also accept custom orders and commissioned work. The company stresses quality over quantity, which is why every listing is reviewed by the company prior to being approved. This means that sellers can expect constructive feedback from other members.

Sellers on iCraftGifts are compensated with a 10% commission on retail and promotional prices. While iCraftGifts is based in Canada, it has a US presence and accepts items from around the world. The website does not accept vintage items or craft supplies. iCraftGifts also charges a registration fee of $25. If you sell more than one product, you can subscribe to a subscription fee package for $10 to $15 per month. The fees are non-refundable.

Neiman Marcus

The Neiman Marcus store offers a wide selection of upscale, unique items. It sells designer clothing, jewelry, home accessories, and gifts. The store also features unusual pop-ups and personal services. The ambiance in the store promotes a spirit of discovery. Its home decor department features pillows, vases, figurines, and throws.

If you are looking to purchase a new rug or decor piece, you might want to take advantage of the Neiman Marcus Rug and Decor Sale currently taking place. The sale offers up to 30% off rugs and decor items. You can also get a discount on high-spend items.

The store also offers an exclusive fur collection by Burnett New York. The company's founder, Emily Burnett, was the lead designer at Dennis Basso before striking out on her own. Sterling McDavid, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, runs the business side. The fur collection is exclusively carried at the New York branch of Neiman Marcus.

The new senior director, visual experience, will craft luxury visual experiences, drive business results, and enhance the store environment. In addition, this role will lead creative development while working cross-functionally within the Neiman Marcus Brand. It is a unique opportunity to create a memorable experience for customers.


If you are an artisan, you can sell your handcrafted products on Amazon. You must complete the application process and provide detailed information about your product. You must include photographs and details about your production process. The application process also requires you to comply with Amazon's rules and regulations. Once approved, you can list your handcrafted products in the Handmade category.

The home decor and handicraft industry continues to grow. Paintings, for instance, are a great way to liven up an otherwise boring room. You can sell your paintings on Amazon Handmade to earn some extra cash. You can also sell scarves, which are timeless fashion accessories that never go out of style. Hats are another good way to sell handmade products on Amazon. They appeal to a wide audience and can be a good way to earn on Amazon.

Amazon Handmade is relatively new to the handicraft market, but it's already a popular marketplace. The platform offers over two million products from a wide variety of artisans. Many sellers use the marketplace to sell their handmade products, including candles, knitted throws, and personalized wedding gifts.

To sell your handcrafted products on Amazon, you must first apply for membership. To be accepted, you must be a professional seller and provide proof that your products are made by hand. Amazon also requires that you are a small business with fewer than 20 employees, and that you are not part of a larger collective. You must also follow Amazon's listing policies, as it does not allow mass-produced products.

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